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Spring coffee table tray decor & styling

Thank you so much for stopping by! This post contains affiliate links. That means, I may receive a small amount of compensation if you choose to purchase from my links. I only link to products that I know and love!

When you think about decorating your home, the big things probably come to mind – your couch that you’d love to update, the coffee table that needs to be stripped, the floors that you wish were another color or the fireplace brick you’d love to paint. These are literally all the things that come to mind as I sit here looking around my house.

But the small things, the little details, are just as important than some of the big things. While the big things anchor the space, the little things make it.

Putting just as much thought into coffee table décor or countertop décor can make a big impact. And sometimes, it’s truly the little things that make us happy. Sometimes they’re sentimental or sometimes it’s just something that makes us smile.


How to style a farmhouse tray


Whenever I want to freshen up a space or just need to keep my head busy with something, working on coffee table tray decor can be a fun exercise for my brain and heart.

This spring, I intended to make a handful of tray for you in different styles. I wanted to showcase a variety so you could see your style somewhere in this post. However, with all these fast life changes in the wake of the pandemic, I only had the chance to make two similarly-styled trays before I could no longer go out to source things like fresh flowers.

That said, here’s a few things I always do when it comes to styling trays.

coffee table tray decor

coffee table tray decor


Add in some life to coffee table tray decor

I love adding in plants, real or otherwise, whenever I can on a tray. Plants make me happy and they always give me a sense of calm.

For the coffee table tray in the living room I used a few succulents and a cute, little air plant. The succulent in the teacup is from my brother’s wedding and the other is one of the first plants I bought after we moved to the farm. The air plant is new and from Rebel – my favorite shop in downtown Grand Rapids.

For the tray in the kitchen, I used a pilea plant. This seems to be the plant du jour and is also one of the first plants I bought last year.


Coffee table tray styling

Coffee table tray styling

Coffee table tray styling


Use books to create levels

I almost always include books in my coffee table tray décor. I use the books to give myself some levels and different height in a design. Usually three is my magic number but it depends on the thickness of the book too.

I also try to make the books I pick relate to the tray somehow. I don’t usually use or buy random antique books. Yes they look lovely in decor, but I have an issue spending money on books I’m never going to read.

For the coffee table tray décor in the living room I used the following:

For the tray on the kitchen the books I used include:

Coffee table tray styling


Include flowers

Aside from greenery, I always love to include flowers in my tray design when I can. They provide color, texture and can help give any coffee table tray décor some height too.

You might notice that I’m missing fresh flowers in these trays. I used dried flowers in these arrangements instead because both of these designs are a bit more rustic. I felt the dried flowers complimented them better.

I’ve actually been loving dried flowers lately. Since it’s too early to grow fresh flowers here, I like that these will last. The Eucalyptus and the dried hydrangeas are from Christmas!

Coffee table tray stylingcoffee table tray decor


Consider the materials on the coffee table tray

By this I mean, consider if your vases, candle or planters will be wood, glass, terra cotta or a metal or metallic. I like to use you a mix when I’m designing a tray that’s more rustic and farmhouse-like. When I want to create something more modern then the materials for these items might be more similar or fall into one family.

So, for instance, in the coffee table tray décor in the living room includes a glass bottle from the Magnolia collection at Target, terra cotta, a tea cup with w bit of gold and black and white planters and a sleek black bud vase from Pottery barn that I’ve left empty. A very diverse mix.

The tray I have in the kitchen includes a plant spritzer that I love from Rebel that includes a bit of eye-catching gold, an amber bottle (that did have live flowers in it at one point), a small, white bud vase from Pottery Barn (You get three bud vases in a set including the black one!) and a pretty basket from the Magnolia collection at Target, which you can find here.

Coffee table tray styling


Add in a bit of quirkiness or something you love

While neither of the coffee table trays have anything overly sentimental (with the exception of those two plants I mentioned), they both have things that are a little bit of me.

The living room coffee table tray décor includes some vintage mini pots that I bought last spring at Bluedoor GR, a vintage shop I love in Grand Rapids.

coffee table tray decor


The kitchen tray has a few little things that I enjoy a vintage-looking spool of twine. I fully intend on bringing this into the greenhouse when it’s done to dry herbs. The best part of this little thing is that it comes in a package of three different sizes from Amazon. ( I said it was vintage looking. 🙂 ) You can find them here.

I also found this pretty, amber apothecary bottle from Amazon and it comes in a set of six. I have the rest of them lined up on a windowsill in my office, just waiting for some pretty wildflowers to pop.

coffee table tray decor


Lastly, both trays include a string of over-sized wooden beads, which are fairly trendy right now. I found both of these at Hobby Lobby. I searched the website for them but couldn’t find them. When the stores open again, check in the section with the home décor and kids’ room items.

As for the trays themselves, one was from a small shop here called The Counting House and they don’t have a website you can order from. You can find some similar ones here.

The wooden tray in the kitchen is from either Michael’s or Gordmans. And it was a steal! I’d check there again to see if you could find it.

Thank you for stopping by today! I hope you will come back and visit us soon. Let me know if you have any questions below!

You can find more farmhouse décor tips and inspiration here.

coffee table tray decor

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  1. Tasheena

    I love the setup of these trays, and the color combination. Everything looks so pretty.

  2. GiGi Eats

    Well that’s a cute little coffee table tray!

  3. Sandra

    Farmhouse decor is definitely my style. I love this so much and want to try to make one myself.

  4. Marta

    Totally off topic, but how do you like your Wolf range? I’m building a new home and am leaning towards wolf appliances.

  5. Pam Wattenbarger

    I love the fresh designs using succulents. I have a ton of succulents outside, but never thought of using them for table top decor.

  6. Brianne

    I love the look of that so much. I think one of the key factors in design is layering. It’s amazing how much richer a space can look with layers.

  7. Amber Myers

    I love how this turned out! I need to make one of these. It’ll give the living room a pop of color.

  8. Tara Pittman

    This is a good time to freshen up my decor. I need to recreate this look.

  9. Jasmen

    Love how you display the twine!

  10. Roshini

    That is such a cute tray deco. Need to try

  11. Kita Bryant

    That is a really cute design. I would love to have the time to make one of them.

  12. I wish I had your eye for decor! While I definitely appreciate how lovely each of these options looks, I just never seem to be able to come up with something that compares, so inevitably I end up copying someone else. Love incorporating plants indoors as well as this seems to have a natural, calming effect.

  13. Catalina

    This is my kind of decoration style. I love this country style. Thanks for the ideas!

  14. Lisa Joy Thompson

    This is such a great way to change up decor. I’m a huge fan of adding fresh plants and flowers to areas around my space.

  15. Chef Dennis

    I am really loving these coffee table trays!Everything fits very well and this will give a nice feeling in our home. My wife must see this.

  16. Deb B.

    It’s true, I’m always thinking about the bigger pieces and completely ignore the details. What a great idea to change up table trays according to season. This is gorgeous. I def have to step it up in my living room. And I’m loving the book as extra levels idea!

  17. Toni

    I love it! Looks really amazing!

  18. Shayla Marie

    Love it! It has kind of a boho twist which is my style. I would love to do coffee table decor but I’ll have to wait a couple years. Babies and coffee table decor just don’t mix very well, lol!

  19. Agnes

    Thank you for the tip and tricks. I will try to create one for our coffee table. I love the arrangement.

  20. Ainsley

    I love all the succulents! I have a tray on the edge of my kitchen bar that I’ve always struggled with. It’s got a candle and usually that’s it! I love these little succulents to bring color!

  21. Sarah Bailey

    This is such a cute idea! I would love to be able to come up with ideas like this, I just don’t seem to have a brain that is good for styling!

  22. Kelli A

    I have always had a “tray” or basket of some kind in the middle of my table or living-room stands. I love how it gives you a chance to spruce up your space with things that reflect who you are as a person while also offering a simple decor change in the process!

  23. Tisha

    Love this set up! Its adorable and so creative.

  24. Maria

    So cute. I’m always impressed when people have decorations like these. I would have never thought of something like this myself.

  25. Shoma

    I’ve been wanting to do a living room refresh and these are just the ideas I need for my table!

  26. Angela Campos

    This is so pretty! I love this idea to spruce up the house for Spring. I am going to give it a try!!!

  27. Barbies Beauty Bits

    So pretty. Simple and yet makes a statement, just what I like!

  28. Lizzie Lau

    I’m pretty much obsessed with succulents. Your coffee table tray decor is lovely, and makes me want to order more plants.

  29. Eileen M Loya

    So pretty! I should start decorating too. I love your succulents. They look so healthy. Mine are still in the process of rehabilitation. My son overwatered them last week. Ugh. Soon as they are healthy again, I am going to copy your design and make one for my home too.

  30. Natalie

    This is such a lovely idea. Looks so romantic and perfect for welcoming Spring in the house. Good job!

  31. Nicole Hood

    Love the colors and the pretty succulents. I make decorative trays and plates for every season too.

  32. Rikki Ridgeway

    I need one of these for my home, so cute and simplistic!

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