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Modern Farmhouse Spring Fireplace Décor Ideas

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Spring is well on its way and with it I’m starting to refresh the house with bits of beautiful, fresh colors that make me feel happy. Since we are all on quarantine right now with the coronavirus worries growing, some fresh decor helps to keep my spirits up and my creative mind busy.  I decided to start by changing out the décor on the fireplace to give it a facelift with some spring fireplace decor.


Once Christmas is done, I feel like the fireplace is a bit neglected. Since we don’t need it as much in the spring and summer months, it can be easy to overlook it when you’re planning for spring décor.


However, in most houses, the fireplace is still a huge feature for homes. It’s not like you can erase it during the warmer months. Dressing it up with some spring fireplace décor can really make it a gorgeous focal point year-round, and there are some really easy ways to do that.Modern farmhouse spring fireplace decor


Anchor your spring fireplace design

I almost always like to start out decorating the fireplace mantle with an anchor piece. But, just because it’s A focal point doesn’t mean it has to be the main focal point. In my spring fireplace décor I used a round, brass and simple mirror as the main anchor. I love that it is simple since many of my plants have a lot of texture going on. I also love that it breaks up the sort of flat tones that are in the brick.

You can use any larger object as an anchor, but mirrors and large photos are most commonly used. Wreaths are another great option and a beautiful, spring wreath filled with florals would look gorgeous. If you’re really going for a more rustic farmhouse style an old window or an old window with a wreath over it is another nice option. Large, tobacco baskets would also look lovely.

Modern farmhouse spring fireplace decor


Think green for spring fireplace decor

The most important thing you should think about when considering your spring fireplace décor is the greenery. Noting says, “Spring!” like adding in plants.

Since we are in the Northern Hemisphere light can be an issue for us in the early spring still – even with all the windows in our house. I like to use different ferns to provide the green because they don’t need as much light as some other plants do. But, they also tolerate light if it’s there. It makes them easy to work with year-round. They’re just thirst plants so make sure to keep the soil damp.

In this design I’ve used a leather leaf fern that I’ve had for a few years, a peacock fern (which is actually not a true fern and is a Seleginella willdenowii), a Tri-color Bolivian Jew plant, a snake plant and a random succulent that I purchased from Home Depot many moons ago.


Modern farmhouse spring fireplace decor Modern farmhouse spring fireplace decor


Texture and height

Speaking of all my lovely, little plants in this design, it’s a good time to also talk about texture and height. The different plants provide for tons of texture, which helps add interest for your eyes. And using items of different heights in the design keeps your eyes moving from piece to piece.


Modern farmhouse spring fireplace decor

Contrast makes it pop

When you think about contrast, I’m not saying that you need to add a bunch of different, bright colors. Instead, think about what will contrast with the fireplace you currently have. This can include other neutrals or some of the muted, bold colors that are coming into style now.

For my fireplace, I’ve found that grey tones, certain browns and even blacks tend to blend in with my brick. And while I really adore my rustic mantle, it also tends to blend in. Because my husband won’t let me paint it (and very honestly I don’t want to yet since color trends come and go), I have to work with what I have and find pieces that will contrast enough against my brick to make them pop away from it.

I’ve found that creamy whites really pop out from the brick well and tend to contrast the best. I used this spring-like, bee vase and a few white planters to get that contrast. I also love that way that really light wood looks against the brick and I used light candlesticks to flank the mirror and provide more of a brick break-up for your eye.

Shockingly, terra cotta also seems to pop out a bit from the fireplace while helping to tie the whole look together.

Modern farmhouse spring fireplace decor

Modern farmhouse spring fireplace decor


Use natural elements and colors

Natural items like wood, glass and greenery all give the mantel a fresh feel without making it feel overdone. The goal is to bring a little bit of the outside in when the weather starts to turn. Wood, cotton, glass, florals, tree branches, leather and seagrass are all good examples of items that you can add to your mantel to make it feel spring ready.

Keep these items as natural as possible. For example, don’t pick wood pieces with a heavy finish or paint job. Allowing them to stay light and true to color will allow the real character to shine through. The natural candlesticks on my fireplace are a good example of this.

Overall the more natural pieces should make you feel happy, calmed and soothed.


Modern farmhouse spring fireplace decor

Modern farmhouse spring fireplace decor

Don’t forget the hearth

The hearth can be easy to overlook when thinking about your spring fireplace décor. Depending on the style of your fireplace it can just seem not needed. However, adding a few little touches to it can make the whole design feel complete. I always like to add a few plants, a basket of magazines, games for family game night or light blankets.  But even items like a sculptural piece of art would work.


And, since we are in Michigan, keeping a bucket of firewood close by is imperative. It’s still in the 30’s here and gets into the 20’s overnight.


Modern farmhouse spring fireplace decor Modern farmhouse spring fireplace decor


Those are all my tips for decorating your spring fireplace décor. Which element of the design is your favorite and can you see this helping you as you decorate your spring fireplace?


Thank you so much for visiting today! I hope you’ll come back soon and see what else we’re up to at Sugar Maple Farmhouse. For more farmhouse design, click here.

Spring fireplace decor inspiration

You can find a few of the items in my spring fireplace decor below.

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  1. So pretty! This reminds me that I need to bring some of the outdoors inside this spring and add some flowers and other greenery. We don’t have a fireplace though, so I’ll have to find another spot to try your tips on.

  2. Amber Myers

    I love your decor. I’ve been bringing in more spring stuff to start making the house look more cheerful since we’ll be in it for a while.

  3. Mimi

    This looks so dreamy, I wish I had a fire place

  4. Brianne

    I absolutely adore the way your mantle came out. You have an amazing eye. The feel of this is so perfect!

  5. Tasheena

    I love the decor in this space. The mirror adds such a nice pop and contrast to the space.

    • Amy

      I am all about the farmhouse decor too. I love your mantle and would decorate it very similarly! Fresh accents are a must.

  6. Desiree

    I love this decor so much! You put this together so nicely!

  7. Pam Wattenbarger

    I love it. That look is so pretty and fresh with the flowers and the white accents. This makes me wish I had a mantle!

  8. Heather

    I wish we had a fireplace to decorate! Hopefully in our new house, we can build one!

  9. Kathy

    That looks so beautiful. I love the farm look. I need to do this for my home. I just love the way it all looks.

  10. Susan

    What a beautiful home and your decorations are so inspiring. I think it’s especially nice to have our homes decorated for spring right now to cheer ourselves up.

  11. Kita Bryant

    I really love this way of decorating. I wish I had a farmhouse to match this beautiful setting!

  12. Catalina

    wow! Love it! It looks so clean and fresh! So perfect for spring!

  13. Marysa

    I love how springy your decor is! And I love that white pitcher with the bee printed on it. These are all cute things, and I am a huge fan of all the live greenery.

  14. Shayla

    Love love love this! Your decor idea’s are always so beautiful, I love seeing you in action and hearing the details and tips.

  15. Kim

    I really love the decor. My goal is to make my home farmhouse chic. if that is even a thing.

  16. Terri Steffes

    I love it. Very spring like but not too busy. Thanks for sharing your tips.

  17. Krystal Miller

    This looks fabulous. It has really inspired me to get my spring decor out and brighten things up!

  18. Ruth I

    These are some lovely ideas! How I wish we have a space for this, I will definitely add one!

  19. Swathi

    This spring fireplace decor looks really beautiful, you have wonderful decors. Love it.

  20. rika

    That’s a beautiful fireplace! I love the bright decoration, perfect for spring!

  21. Miles kane

    Beautiful creation ❤

  22. Sarah

    I love the plants on the mantel.

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