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Farmhouse Christmas Porch Decor

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As we prepare to mark our first year here at Sugar Maple, I’m pulled back into memories from last Christmas. It was a difficult holiday being on the precipice of moving the day after Christmas. We threw up the tree and strung up one money string of lights after my daughter begged us to add some holiday cheer to the old house. Every step we took last year felt like we had one foot still stuck in the door as we were trying to leave.

This year, with two feet firmly planted in Michigan, we’ve tried to soak up all the holiday cheer and maybe even spread a little extra to make up for our lack of merriment last year.

Then, pneumonia hit. My body forced me to stop before I could even really get started. So, in keeping with my theme of being of being behind this year, I had to press pause on all that holiday cheer early in the month.

A silver lining

However, there was a silver lining. When I went this week to stock up on beautiful Christmas greenery, everything was half off! All the wreaths – no matter the size – were just $10. And while there wasn’t a huge selection left, there was enough. There was enough for a few touches inside, like the kitchen, and plenty gorgeous, inexpensive greenery that was destined for my Christmas porch decor.

The farmhouse porch – a piece of the house that made me fall in love with it – has become another room for me. It’s been a joy to decorate it from season to season. I’ve been fully looking forward to decorating it for the Christmas season.

When I started thinking about what I wanted it to look like, I knew I wanted it to feel a little rustic and I didn’t want it to sparkle. I love sparkle, but I wanted the Christmas porch decor to feel a little simpler. I wanted it to be full of natural and seasonal elements that felt comforting and timeless.

Inspired by holiday greens

I was inspired by the greenery that I was able to purchase and a wreath I bought from the Hearth and Hand Collection earlier in the season. I loved the texture of the garland and the wreath. The wreath has little, ruby red berries attached to it and the garland has small pinecones running throughout it. Both those little delicate details really made me want to weave that delicacy through the rest of the porch.

When I bought the other greenery, I made sure that the elements within the planters stayed natural and rustic. Instead of the sparkly sprigs that you find in a lot of holiday planters, mine have dried hydrangeas, pinecones and other dried, red flowers.

Christmas porch decor little elements

I added in height to the Christmas porch decor by using plant stands that I purchased earlier in the summer. Then I added warmth with the wooden Merry Christmas sign, vintage sled and rustic, birch logs.

I used a log holder as a decorative functional piece, and I think it gives it a bit of modern flare. It’s from Schoolhouse so it’s a bit of a splurge, but I love the way it makes some of the other vintage pieces feel fresh.

You can see all the little details below and I hope that you enjoy them! Thank you for visiting today, friends. I hope you’ll come back again. For more farmhouse decor, click here.

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