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Walk-in chicken coop tour

Okay, the time has come for my baby girls to move out of the house and into their gorgeous chicken coop from Horizon structures.

Our 12 little chicks have grown up so fast into chirpy teenagers and I’m ready for them to get into a space all their own outside. At six weeks they are considered fully feathered and they are supposedly ready to deal with the changing temperatures of the West Michigan climate.

Before we move them out there for good, we need to finish a predator-proof run (think hawks, coyotes, foxes, raccoons and basically every other animal that would love to gnaw on some chicken or chicken eggs), but I wanted to give you a tour of the coop.

We worked with Horizon Structures to build a coop that would be perfect for our small flock and to create something that would function really well for us. It also happens to be visually pleasing so that’s a huge bonus. 🙂

Horizon Structure quality

Horizon Structures builds chicken coops, sheds, horse barns, two-story barns and more in Pennsylvania in the heart of Amish country and they have been building for more than 25 years. Owned and operated by Dave Zook, the company has a 50-acre facility with 15-20 Amish carpenters, and they make products that are truly build to last generations.

We went with the Super Coop structure, which is 12 feet 2 inches long and 7 feet 2 inches wide. It has 12 nesting boxes and comes fully assembled.

We selected charcoal grey shingles for our roofing material and painted board and batten and trim for the outside of the coop. We selected the colors from a wide array of options at Horizon Structures to match house and the other buildings on our property.

The man door to the coop comes with keys and has a latch close, which is nice. You can be assured that even if you forget to lock it, little critters won’t be able to open it. It’s tight enough that my kids can’t manage it so it should be safe from raccoons.

A space for me and a space for them

Inside the coop there are two areas. One area is, of course, for the girls. They have eight nesting boxes for the 11 ladies (Oh yeah, we have a rooster!) so that should be plenty to go around. There are two roosting bars and then one chicken door.

About 1/3 of the way through the coop, it is split so there is storage room for me. I’ll be keeping their food in there in metal trash cans and some other supplies…for now. Eventually, if we decide to get more girls, I’ll remove the door. Or, we can use that side for sick birds and introducing new birds to the flock.

Easy clean floor

I decided to get an epoxied floor so that it would be easier to clean. In reading about chicken coops it seemed that a lot of people cover the floors in laminate flooring to make them easier to scrape. Horizon Structures said this floor will make life a lot easier when it comes time to scoop the poop.

A place to nest

Right now, the girls will have 8 nesting boxes and the additional 4 will be for storage. The way these are set up it makes it really easy for me to go in and get eggs each day without really bothering the ladies. It will also make it easy for me to determine if there is a chicken hiding in there because she is broody or sick. Lastly, the set up here will make cleaning easier too!

All that said, I am going to have to figure out how to lock these. While they are heavy, I don’t want to take any chances.

The exit

The chicken door is at one end of the coop and it latches open and closed. I just have to buy a lock for it. At some point, I also want to retrofit the coop with an automatic door, which is something Horizon Structures offers on their coops but when ordering I didn’t understand how sleep-saving this would be. Or how it might allow us to go on vacation more easily…

A cool place to roost

Under the roost there is a poop tray covered by wire. The poop trays make cleaning easier for me and pull out so that I can scrap them and wash them right outside. The wire prevents the chickens from stepping it in, which is something they’re doing in my current, transitional set up. I am planning on using sand and/or pdz in the trays when we get out there to help control the smell too.

Venting the coop

Above the roosts there is a vent that is covered with wire and can be opened from the outside to help control the smells in the coop.

Keep in mind that if you want side vents above the door, they are an extra charge and line item. I thought they were included, but no. We will be adding those so we can get the East/West wind and help to protect against drafts and frostbite in the winter.

There are three windows across from the vent, which are also covered with wire to keep predators out. This will further help me air out the coop in the summer time and help it to smell fresh.

Electrical plans

I also decided to have the coop wired for electrical. During the barn reno we will have an electrician run a wire to the coop so we can have light in there. Depending on the weather, it will also allow me to use a heating plate in the winter.

Keeping it dry

The roof of the coop is also fitted with a radiant barrier and will help to protect from moisture as well as help maintain warmer temperatures in the Michigan winters.

Still a few things to do…

Before we move the girls into the space we are planning to build a much larger run. The run should be built this week and will surround two sides of the coop. I’m praying that I can move them by Friday morning. Then I’ll probably spend the day watching them enjoy their new home!

To learn more about our chickens, click here.

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  1. Stacie

    that is such a great coop! I love how spacious it is. It looks like a great place for the chickens to live and for you guys to gather their eggs.

  2. Amber Neil

    I looooove your coop.. we just finished the the frame work on ours and I wish I had seen thos before. Super cute!

  3. Great structure and I love the colors, too. I agree, your chickens would love a bigger run, too.

  4. Jenny

    I have to be honest, thats got to be the most beautiful chicken coop I have ever seen.
    i love the choice of the dark grey against the off white…stunning!

  5. Brianne Manz

    I am not sure I have ever seen such a magnificent chicken coop than this one. Your chickens are going to love all of that space. Also running electricity in it is genius. So happy for you and your chickens.

  6. Heather

    OMG it’s amazing! I want to build one in our backyard so badly!

  7. Stefani Tolson

    This is one of the coolest chicken coops I have ever seen. I do live in the suburbs and don’t see chickens often but your coop is neat!

  8. Kiwi

    First I wanna say the chicken coop look like a future design of some pretty she-shed in the future. I love the design so modern!

  9. Catalina

    wow! This is really cool! Such a modern design! Love it!

  10. Jennifer

    I am so in love with your chicken coop! I have been wanting chickens for ever and my husband finally told me and we when we get to our new house that he will let me get chickens so this came at a perfect time! Thank you so much for sharing about your new coop.

  11. Marina

    Such a great coop. Love the design x

  12. Nancy L

    Awww, I absolutely love your chicken coop! It is picture perfect and the thought of having fresh eggs every morning is awesome! I love farm life! We have 10 acres of land and I think it is time we got some farm animals! 🙂

  13. Ruth I

    Oh wow. This looks so amazing! I didn’t know chicken coop should be this detailed and pretty!


    Your coop is beautiful! It is a dream of mine to have a chicken coop one day!

  15. Vicky

    That looks like a great place for them! And that floor will make clean up a breeze. I bet you are excited for move in day!

  16. Mommy Peach

    That is such a pretty big and spacious chicken coop. Your chickens be so comfortable in it for sure.

  17. Amazing!!! Beautiful. It’s so nice for you to share this with us

  18. Lisa Arthur

    Love your coop!!! Large and sooooo clean looking!!!
    I had chickens many years ago and truly missed them. Hubby and I traveled in our rv for 6 years (with 3 dogs, 12 parakeets and 30 or so plants) but last fall we decided to sit still for a bit and are leasing a home with a few acres. It has its own chicken house and coop!! So I am the proud parent of 11 hens, 1 rooster, and 3 Mallards ducks! It’s so wonderful!!

  19. Marysa

    What a beautiful chicken coop! Looks like such a wonderful place for the chickens.

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