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Reinventing our farmhouse range hood

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You know how when you look at a space and something just feels off? Some element of the design, the architecture or the color just feels poorly placed?

That’s how I felt looking at the kitchen in the barn. Yep. That kitchen that we JUST put in and built was giving me that sinking, “Something is wrong,” feeling.

Except that I knew what it was.

As I mentioned in a previous post where I showed off the barn kitchen, I wasn’t loving the farmhouse range hood.

Farmhouse range hoodSlow construction, fast design

Elements of the barn moved very, very slowly – like almost all of it.

But then suddenly we were at the design phase. After months of hold-ups, I felt like I didn’t have a chance to think things through properly. One day something wasn’t there and the next my contractor was there with a paint brush asking me what color I wanted it to be.

Parts of this process have been so much fun, but the barn has taken almost three times longer to complete than necessary and sometimes we just don’t hear back from our contractor on things…for like a week.

With our farmhouse range hood I had no warning. The project manager literally was building it as I walked into the barn one day. I felt like I didn’t have time to do any research on it, but suddenly it was built.

And then when everything was done, I stepped back to look at it and didn’t love it. It just felt off.

rustic farmhouse kitchen

A change for the better

Kevin shockingly agreed that something was off on the range hood. If he was agreeing with me then it was obvious that something was truly wrong. Usually he just thinks I’m being anal about some of these things.

So, we changed it. I needed it to be less boxy, softer. We threw around some ideas.

  • Do we just buy a new one that’s more curved?
  • Do we paint it? Will that help?

Both those things presented some challenges. In the end, we decided to just remove the corners so it wouldn’t look so much like a box.

I’m so glad we did it. I like it so much more now than I did before and I no longer feel like it looks off in the space. Now I’m ready to decorate!

Tell me below what you think!

Thank you so much for visiting today, friends. I hope you’ll come back again. 🙂

rustic farmhouse range hood

rustic farmhouse range hood rustic farmhouse range hood rustic farmhouse range hood

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