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Warm & inviting fall farmhouse living room decor

Now that there’s 3-inches of snow on the ground and everyone is thinking about Christmas, I thought I would share my living room Thanksgiving/Fall décor. 🙂

In truth, I’ve had this room decorated the longest. It was the first space that I decorated way back after Labor Day. So why did I wait so long to share it? Well, fall is always crazy busy for me and this year was no exception.

My brother got married in September, work was crazy (which is good), I went to New York for business for a week, it was our anniversary and we were in Colorado and I’m been working really hard to build up the recipe library over here so all of you would feel like there’s something valuable there. Then there’s the chickens, Bailey (Um, did I mention our new dog?) and motherhood in general. Oh yeah, and the house and the barn…

Fall Farmhouse Living Room Decor

So, that’s really it. Life just got in the way. I’m hoping with the lull coming in January that I can finally start getting whole rooms together in the house and getting organized over here. I can’t wait to show you our bedroom, bathroom, closet, my office and even the kitchen, which I realize I’ve not fully shared.

But back to the fall farmhouse living room decor…

We call this room the adult room. The kids aren’t allowed to bring their toys into the room. I need one space in the house that they haven’t taken over. They seem to respect that, which is really nice. It’s a room where I can take a deep breath, have a cup of coffee and stare out the window to think. There isn’t a TV or a radio. It’s a room for thoughts and conversations.

Fall Farmhouse Living Room Decor

Fall Farmhouse Living Room Decor Fall Farmhouse Living Room Decor

Fall Farmhouse Living Room Decor

The traveling buffet

The living room one of the oldest rooms in the house and is part of the original 1900 structure. It’s oddly shaped and has really presented some challenges for me in decorating it. But I’m happy with how it looks so far.

A large part of the room includes a buffet and wine bar that I designed for the dining room in our old house. I wanted that space to feel well designed for entertaining and that piece was really the first thing I designed.

When we sold the house, everyone asked for that piece. However, I was still pretty attached to it. We moved it to this house, and I was so lucky when it fit almost perfectly in the living room. It now really anchors the space and I love it.

Fall Farmhouse Living Room Decor

A callback to the original purpose

For the décor in there this year, I focused on pulling in pieces that would make it feel warm and inviting. It’s really the first room you see when you enter. Back when this was the early 1900s this room would have been used to greet guests. I wanted it to feel like a space that might still do that.

I used textured pieces with faux, rustic pumpkins and gourds to pull in the the lovely oranges and Earth tones that make fall my favorite season. Then I used our summer vegetable picking baskets as decor pieces since the garden has gone to sleep for the winter.

Fall Farmhouse Living Room Decor

Using summer items

I layered those objects on the top shelf with some of my favorite, feel-good prints that I bough this summer to make it feel full of life and balance out our large, iron mirror. I added a cute, iron sheep planter and some found wire baskets similar to these baskets to hold the apples and pumpkins.

Fall Farmhouse Living Room Decor

Deals and function

Attempting to make sure the shelves still function, I added my wine glasses back into the mix as well as some of my favorite cook books that are held by these pretty, corbel bookends.

To off-set the mirror a bit and bring your eye down, I added candle holders of various sizes. I love the wood tones in these and I also love that they are all different. I’ve seen these at various vintage shops selling for $50 plus, but I found mine at HomeGoods! They were a steal compared to the other stores.

Fall Farmhouse Living Room Decor

Over on the couch I layered in textured, creamy pillows to make sure it didn’t feel too heavy. Since the couch is a very dark, rich color I wanted to make sure it’s boldness didn’t weigh down the room.

Fall Farmhouse Living Room Decor

I found the blanket ladder at a nearby store but you can find a very similar one here that’s a bit rustic. I layered it with a textured, grey blanket that I’ve had since last year and a new blanket I picked up at a local shop. If you’re looking for a new one (and doesn’t everyone need a new throw blanket somewhere? 🙂 ) I love this one and this one and will probably be buying them for the barn. Oh and you can find the brass, tall lamp here.

I hope this inspires you and that you’ll save the post for your fall plans next year. Thank you so much for visiting and I hope you’ll come back again.

For more farmhouse decor, click here. To find recipes inspired by the farmhouse, click here.

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  1. Amber Myers

    I am all about fall decor! I really like your decorations. I have some out as well.

  2. Sarah

    The pops of color really make the room! I love how you keep electronics and toys out of the room, and make it just an adult sanity space.

  3. Celebrate Woman Today

    Beautiful and memorable. I love barn-style decor.

  4. Elizabeth Edgar

    Wowww, I am in love with the farmhouse decor! Yours is decorated BEAUTIFULLY! I

  5. Cyndi Buchanan

    I really love that buffet. I really want something like that for my dining room.

  6. Sarah

    I love the warm colors that come with fall and decorating with them.

  7. Diana

    I wish our living room looked that nice! We have a toddler, so toys are everywhere. Can’t really decorate either as she would most likely try to play with the decor, lol. Your room looks lovely though! Maybe when she’s older we can do some nice decorating.

  8. Monica

    I would say that you accomplished the warm and inviting feel you were going for. And that’s just going off the beautiful pictures. I’m sure it’s even more amazing in real life. I want an adult room in my home now too!

  9. Barbara

    So warm and inviting! I love decorating for fall and now I’m more inspired to do so. Yes, I’m a little behind lol

  10. Kim

    After 4 years of living in my home, I am slowly putting together my dream farmhouse look. This helps a lot.

  11. Shayla Marie

    You have such a lovely home and a great eye for beauty! I love this autumn decorated living room!

  12. Sonia Seivwright

    I actually like these decors. Very bright and cool.

  13. Kay

    Love this farmhouse decor. It have that autumn 🍂 feel and I love autumn 🍂

  14. Shannah

    This is a gorgeous fall look! I haven’t had the time to do any decorating for fall.

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