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Christmas table decor

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

With the new year now here, I wanted to share the last of my holiday inspiration, the Christmas table decor. You can pin it for next year’s inspiration and very ahead of the Christmas season. 🙂

I promised a second holiday table this season and even though we all just celebrated the new year, I still wanted to share it.

I actually put together this Christmas table decor and photographed it a few weeks ago. However, that pneumonia put me very behind schedule this season and I’ve been on a mad rush this last week to share all the holiday details. And I saved the best for last.

While greens and reds are the traditional Christmas colors, I was feeling something different this year. I wanted the same richness that you get with the traditional holiday colors, but I was also really inspired by the dried oranges I shared with you earlier this month.

The oranges were a little, bold, natural pop of unexpected color in the season of red and green and I love the way they complimented it. However, I was also really inspired by Blue this season. Orange and blue are compliments to one another on the color wheel so l felt that adding a touch of blue would also work.

That said, I couldn’t completely leave out the red and greens in the Christmas table decor.

So, for the second tablescape for the holiday season I concentrated on pulling together bold, rich and warm colors to make a table that’s not only beautiful but also full of warmth and light.

Take a look below at our Christmas table decor and let me know what you think in the comments.

Christmas table decor


The centerpiece

Originally, I had planned to use something developed by a florist for the true center of the table centerpiece. However, when it arrived, it just didn’t look right. Maybe it was too commercial-looking?

Instead, I started layering cedar branches. It gave me a beautiful, natural base to build from for the Christmas table decor.

Once those were down, I added Emmett Antique Brass Taper Candle Holders from Crate and Barrel. I had hoped to find antique candle holders in one of the Grand Rapids shops this December. But, oddly enough, I didn’t actually get the chance to go shopping in those stores this season. I found these and decided to go with them and they are lovely.

Then I added in the dried orange slices and then a few pomegranates, which looked a little rough but I loved that they weren’t perfect.

I almost stopped there but then I looked back at that floral arrangement. The flowers were really stunning, and I loved that it included hypericum. They were gorgeous and I plucked them out of the arrangement and started adding them to my table. (They are also poisonous to animals so if you use them keep the dogs, cats, chickens and other animals away.)

I also hijacked a few other pretties from the arrangement and added them onto the table. This included Kangaroo Paw, which is the branch with yellow buds, and Chrysanthemum, the red flowers.

Once those were added, the Christmas table decor centerpiece felt complete. It was beautiful, full of life and festive.

The place setting

As for the place setting, I reused some pieces that I had used in the previous holiday tablescape. I did this for two reasons:

  1. They worked with the centerpiece and the feeling I was going for.
  2. I didn’t want to spend additional money when I felt like the items I had worked really well.

The chargers are from World Market and they still have them. I actually think these would work really well for all seasons. I can see them on an Easter table and a rustic summer table. They of course are also perfect for fall.

The flatware is from Target. I love the color and that it’s softer than the candlestick holders. You can find the flatware here.

The plates are from William Sonoma and I bought them last year on sale. In fact, I was only able to find seven plates, not the eight that I had wanted. I bought them anyways because the sale was too good to pass up and they were perfect for my Easter table. I love that they’re simple enough to reuse again and again but also have a bit of sweetness to the edge.

On the plate

The napkins are also from William Sonoma. Don’t tell Kevin! 🙂 I was looking for that specific color blue and I really wanted them to be linen. They ended up being perfect.

I tied the napkins with some simple twine and then added individual mercury glass ornaments. Each ornament was different, and I appreciated the variety. I originally bought them to use them on my living room Christmas tree, but I had a bit of an abundance there. Instead I brought them into the barn without a plan. And it all worked out. You can find them here.

I tucked a sprig of the cedar under each napkin because I thought it needed a bit more color on the plate.

The wine glasses are our’s from our engagement. The were originally from Bed, Bath and Beyond and are rimmed with a bit of gold.

You can see all the details in the Christmas table decor place setting below.


Thank you so much for visiting today, friends. I hope you’ll come back again and hang around for all our adventures in the new year.

For more farmhouse decor, click here.

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  1. Melanei

    Such a a festive table! This is perfect even into the New Year! Yay for citrus season!

  2. Tara Pittman

    Such a pretty way to decorate the table. I love all the greenery that you used.

  3. Brianne Tursi Manz

    I love this for the festive decor! The orange slices and pomegranate really tie it all together. Very beautiful!

  4. So pretty! And I bet all that cedar and citrus smelled amazing!

  5. Diana

    This is such a beautiful table setting! I love pomegranates!

  6. Kathy

    This is very beautiful. I really love it. I really love all the pomegranates and citrus. I bet it smells amazing too.

  7. Emily

    This tablescape is stunning! I love the natural look and yes of fresh items. Every detail is so special!

  8. Fatima Torres

    I’ve always said the centerpiece is everything when designing a table setup. Love this look and the details.

  9. Stefani Tolson

    Very pretty tablescape going there! Love it!

  10. Nancy johnson horn

    Love it! That layout is so gorgeous!

  11. Ala

    Your table decor looks AMAZING! All the detailes are well thinked. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Toni

    I just love these table decors and set up! Saving this to use for next year.

  13. shayna

    This is beautiful! I love the idea of the unexpected pops of color. Great design!

  14. Shayla

    This is absolutely stunning! You are so creative, I love your style!

  15. This is really pretty and festive. Love the colors.

  16. Tamara

    Oooooooo- I am SO pinning this for next year! In love with the dried fruit-

  17. Adriane

    Gorgeous! This makes me want to decorate! I love the addition of the pomegranates. My neighbor has a huge pomegranate tree…maybe he’ll let me borrow a few next year. Ha!

  18. Nadalie Bardo

    Wow, just stunning! I love how you decorated your table for Christmas. I so need to up my game!

  19. Claudia Krusch

    Gorgeous tablescape! Love all the colors and nature accents! Saving to try it next year!

  20. Dawn Nieves

    I love this table decor! It’s so pretty and looks easy to decorate with!

  21. Sarah

    what great ideas everything looks beautiful.

  22. Stephanie

    It all looks very pretty. I wish I had the time and space to do this.

  23. Marysa

    So pretty! I love how it is natural and real – so many decorations are plastic now! The pomegranates and the dried fruit are beautiful.

  24. Rikki Ridgeway

    I love the display, who doesn’t like a beautifully decorated table while they eat?

  25. Jasmine Hewitt

    this is a beautfiul tablescape, I love how you designed this

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