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Hearth & Hand Eucalyptus Wreath Spring/Summer Update

I have a hard time buying really expensive décor and then buying something new for the next season. I’m sure if Kevin read that line, he wouldn’t believe it, but it’s true.

Since we just moved here these last few months have already been expensive and buying things to decorate with has been an extra cost that – while anticipated – still gives me pause.

Wreaths are one of those things I have a really hard time with. They’re big, they’re bulky and they can cost a lot of money. Often, I feel like the flowers don’t look authentic too.

In the past, door wreaths had never been a huge issue for us because we had absolutely no overhang on our old front door. Due to that, I would never buy wreaths because I figured they would just be ruined in the crazy Illinois weather. The only exceptions were the real evergreen ones at Christmas time.

Hearth & Hand Eucalyptus Wreaths Update/Refresh

Well now we have a gorgeous double front door with a big front porch and plenty of cover from the crazy Michigan weather. The doors are gorgeous all on their own, but they needed a little touch of something.

A perfect purchase

In January, I purchased the Eucalyptus with Seeds Faux Wreath from the Magnolia Hearth & Hand™ collection at Target. I purchased two eucalyptus wreaths for the front doors and they were gorgeous. They were lush, more authentic looking than a lot of wreaths -especially from a distance – and they really fit the house. Plus, in January, I felt like they could work for winter without feeling overly Christmas-like.

Then spring came along. I got the urge for flowers and color. But, I had already purchased these eucalyptus wreaths and they still were working for me. Additionally, this spring has been really cold. We’ve struggled to get into the 60’s for the last few months. In fact, this May feels more like a rainy, fall November.

Now that’s it’s almost summer, I became really excited about decorating our spacious front porch. I went all out because I feel like the porch is an extension of the home in the summer. Our’s is certainly large enough to be considered an extra room. You can see all of it here.

But the door…

Refresh for the season

My wreaths were looking tired. I looked at some new ones, but I didn’t love anything. I felt like the flowers weren’t right for the look I wanted. However, I knew I needed something to brighten up the entryway.

Hearth & Hand Eucalyptus Wreaths Update/Refresh

Hearth & Hand Eucalyptus Wreaths Update/Refresh Hearth & Hand Eucalyptus Wreaths Update/Refresh

I decided that instead of buying new wreaths, I would add flowers to the current eucalyptus wreaths. Instead of changing things completely, I would keep the look I loved with the rich greens and just add some color in.

I had purchased some pink, spring faux blooms from the Target Hearth and Hand collection. For some reason, you can find them at Walmart now instead (which seems so off) in a larger bunch. Here’s a link.

I also found some large, white, faux hydrangeas at Hobby Lobby that I loved.

Supplies you need

That was all I needed because I had floral cutters and floral wire already. If you want to try this project on your own and don’t have anything you will just need the flowing.

  • Floral cutters similar to these
  • Floral wire like this (You can also find everything you need and more in this kit if you like packaged deals.)
  • Faux flowers that you love

As mentioned you can get the same pink flowers I have at Walmart now. If I were doing this again though, I would buy these new, pretty yellow ones from the Hearth & Hand collection and possibly these Dogwood branches (which I actually have in a vase in the mud room).

All I did was cut the faux florals and leave an inch or two at the bottom. I then wrapped wire securely around the stems. However, I did wrap it somewhat loosely because I wasn’t sure how I was going to place things on the wreaths.

Hearth & Hand Eucalyptus Wreaths Update/Refresh Hearth & Hand Eucalyptus Wreaths Update/Refresh

How I did it

I placed my white flowers first and because they are larger, I liked how they looked at the bottom corners best. They gave the wreaths some weight on the bottom and provided a gorgeous focal point.

Originally, I hadn’t planned to add the pink flowers. Then I realized one white flower wasn’t cutting it. 🙂

Hearth & Hand Eucalyptus Wreaths Update/Refresh

Hearth & Hand Eucalyptus Wreaths Update/Refresh

Working things into place

I tied a brand of pink flowers to each side of the white flower. I tired each floral piece very loosely because I wanted to position and tweak things once everything was attached.

After a bit of tugging, pulling and moving things around, I had each of the branches in places that I was happy with.

I might add a few more flowers as we go through the rest of the summer, but for now, I think these are simple, fresh and beautiful.

Do you like to update items season-to-season? Or do you prefer to buy new and/or keep traditional, family pieces?

Oh and just in case, here are the wreath hangers that I’ve also been using from Hearth and Hand.

Hearth & Hand Eucalyptus Wreaths Update/Refresh

Hearth & Hand Eucalyptus Wreaths Update/Refresh

Hearth & Hand Eucalyptus Wreaths Update/Refresh

Hearth & Hand Eucalyptus Wreaths Update/Refresh

Hearth & Hand Eucalyptus Wreaths Update/Refresh

Hearth & Hand Eucalyptus Wreaths Update/Refresh

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  1. Karen

    Those are some beautiful wreaths! I like that you added to your current wreaths, for a colorful and vibrant decoration.

  2. Justine

    Those are gorgeous wreaths, I love what you did with them to switch them up a bit!

  3. Stacie

    Those are absolutely beautiful! I love the look of these. They’re so perfect for the warm months.

  4. Alli Smith

    I love how you updated the wreaths for summer. They are beautiful on their own but the simple addition of flowers really make them pop for summer. Gorgeous!

  5. Such a brilliant DIY and the results are beautiful

  6. Melissa Chapman

    I loved the wreaths just the way they were but repurposing them and adding the flowers made them really pop. I have my colorful wreath on my door but the eucolyptus is so nice.

  7. cait

    omg these are amazing- i love how gorgeous they are and i cant wait to try and do it myself. i love eucalyptus! cant wait to share with a few friends who are awesome DIY !

  8. robin rue

    That is such a pretty wreath. I love how it came out.

  9. Melanie

    Your front porch is so pretty. I need to up my front porch game. I have used the same hand made wreaths for years!

  10. Sarah Bailey

    Your entranceway is just absolutely beautiful – I am loving the wreaths you have come up with as well, they are incredible!

  11. Krista

    I love how you updated your wreaths! They turned out perfectly. I have been wanting something different for my front door but now I think I’m just going to find a way to update what I already have!

  12. Brianne Manz

    I love what you did with your wreath. It looks so beautiful and compliments your entryway perfectly. You have such a knack for having the eye to put something together and it turn out just right.

  13. Tasheena

    This wreath is perfect for this time of year. You did such an amazing job with it.

  14. Pam

    I love euclapytus wreathes. I think it’s genius to just update a eucalyptus wreath for all the different seasons!

  15. Amy Desrosiers

    I have a ton of Hearth and Hand home decor products! I love what you did with this wreath and have found myself dressing up staple pieces before as well.

  16. keikilani

    Your wreath refresh for the season is just beautiful. I am inspired to create the same wreath for my front door.

  17. Kathy

    That is very beautiful. I really love your setup. I need to get with it and make mine looking nicer too. I would love to have a wreathe as well. They’re so lovely.

  18. Beth

    Your wreaths look great! While I was admiring them and reading your post, I realized that I need to that to my indoor wreath. If I add a few faux flowers it will give it a fresh look for summer.

  19. Stefani Tolson

    That came out really nice. I usually only have a wreath on my door around the holidays but I like yours that looks good any day!

  20. Love your refresh for the summer and your total patio look! Bravo!

  21. Ricci

    This wreath looks gorgeous and perfect for spring! I bet it smells amazing as well!!

  22. Catalina

    So elegant and beautiful this wreath. A must have for sure!

  23. Shoshana Sue

    Would you believe that I have never had a wreath on my door like ever? I always admire them when I see them around but I never know where to start. You have just guided me to my first ever wreath. Thank you

  24. rika

    Beautiful wreaths. I love eucalyptus. I always use eucalyptus oil every night, so relaxing.

  25. Lisa Favre

    This wreath is absolutely gorgeous for summertime! Now you’re making me want to put up a wreath on our door (I have never done it before!)

  26. Jennifer

    That is such a pretty wreath on your front door!

  27. Ruth I

    This is going to level my house. It brings life to so much concrete and wooded place. This is worth the purchase I bet.

  28. Lynndee

    What a pretty wreath! I love the pop of colors that you added. I don’t decorate in the summertime, but now I feel like I want to put a wreath too.

  29. Marisa

    I’m so happy I came across your page! I’ve been looking for an easy DIY wreath to make for the summer! I love the smell of eucalyptus! Great Idea!

  30. Holly

    Those are beautiful wreathes. I love summer time wreath making!

  31. Such a beautiful way to greet visitors – I love the look of the eucalyptus leaves! It’s amazing what a little color can do to perk up tired decor items.

  32. Kiwi

    this is so pretty. I love how the eucalyptus bring more of an earthy vibe to this area.

  33. Marysa

    I love your wreaths! They look beautiful and I love what you did to add a little bit of change to it up. Just gorgeous!

  34. Heather

    What a beautiful wreath! I can’t wait to give this a try!

  35. Ruth I

    This looks like something I will spend good money on. It totally levels up the space. I’d love to have some of it myself.

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