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Vintage party decor for spring

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, which means I make a small commission at no extra cost to you.

There was a time when I dreamed about having a pretty, pink apartment all covered in gorgeous, vintage, shabby chic furniture and finds. Of course, they would all be secondhand pieces or from cute, boutique stores too and fit just perfectly in all the nooks of my home.


However, when I was straight out of college an on my own for the first time, I was pretty poor. The only things I owned that were vintage were my mom’s old plaid couches. Not a speck of pink in sight there. They were literally made of wood with wooden arm rests.


Then I got married. Shabby took on a new meaning then as Kevin started leaving his old, worn baseball caps in random spots and I morphed into someone who dressed up for work each day to a woman who lives in stretchy pants.


And chic? Well, then I had kids. If you’re a parent, you know that little kids ARE the reason you can’t have nice things.

Farmhouse vintage party decor ideas

Moments of  pretty vintage

But I’m approaching a time when I get to dip a toe back into the world of gorgeous, vintage-looking, shabby chic décor now. The vintage party decor of dreamy pinks, creamy whites and fluttery flowers seem to pop up in bursts in my life for brief moments – like during Valentine’s Day season, spring, Easter or the very, very brief moments when my daughter’s pale pink room isn’t covered in clutter.

And I revile in those moments.

Last weekend, as part of a Valentine’s Day get-together, I was able to create a vintage party scene that would have been in my dreams back in my 20’s.


It was full of gorgeous, soft colors; delicious desserts and handmade crafts with a vintage flair.


I was inspired by the idea of “Pretty in Pink” and really just ran with the idea of vintage party decor. After creating the Vintage Farmhouse Mason Jar Centerpieces {that you can find HERE} and the Shabby Chic Heart Garland {that you can find HERE}, I really wanted to create a space that would work with those pieces, but be a standout all on it’s own.

Farmhouse vintage party decor ideas


Here’s a few tips for how I created the vintage party decor look.


Vintage party color palette

As I mentioned, pink was a focus for me and I complimented that with soft neutrals. This informed all the elements of this design from the dishes to the wood tones and even the flowers. Every now and then I added in a pop of a bolder color because I couldn’t stand to leave those flowers behind. I worked them in here and there just to break up all the neutrals and give your eye something to bounce off of. I wanted it to feel like something you might have found back in the 20’s. Or, the days when frilly flowers would have complimented frilly gowns.


When it came to wood pieces in this vintage party set up, I used our barn table, which we recently refinished. It used to be a dark mahogany table and we simply stripped it to bring out its natural beauty. I also used a tiered tray that I bought on Amazon (HERE IS A SIMILAR ONE). And, my rough and rustic looking table stand came from Pottery Barn, which you can find on sale here. I kept all the wood really light and really natural to compliment the softness of the set up, but also because I just love the look of the lighter wood tones right now. I also wanted something that would compliment the pink party elements but not overwhelm them.

Farmhouse vintage party decor ideas

Farmhouse vintage party decor ideas


Eclectic vintage party tableware

For the glassware and dishes, I again stayed within the light and soft color palette. I was able to find pink goblet glasses on Amazon that you can use for water, wine or even a cocktail. The pattern makes them look so vintage, even though they’re brand new. I also found this adorable porcelain tea set there. It has a delicate pink color and the the gold trim gives it just a little bit of glamour. I could see this set becoming a family heirloom.


Farmhouse vintage party decor ideas

Farmhouse vintage party decor ideas

The candle sticks are from Crate and Barrel and I actually bought them at Christmas time for that tablescape. I love that I’ve been able to use them in so many other places now that the holiday is over and just adore finish on them. I’m also thrilled that they complimented the gold trim on the tea set and added a touch of old world to the vintage party set up.


You can find the tall one here, the medium one here and the shortest one here.


Farmhouse vintage party decor ideas


The lace runner is also new. I don’t have anything like it and while I probably could have found something at one of the stores around here, I didn’t have a lot of time to create this whole look. However, I feel like this suits the farmhouse vintage party decor very well. You can find it here.


Lastly, the plates that I used were vintage finds. I bought a bunch of different plates from a local store that I knew had a good selection and stayed within the same pretty in pink theme. I was so happy to find them and even more happy when I realized the chippy, gold trim would work beautifully with the other elements.


Farmhouse vintage party decor ideas

Handmade with heart

As for my vases, if you have watched our YouTube channel before then you know I made them from Ball Mason Jars. They inspired me when it came to selecting a theme for the farmhouse vintage party tablescape. Behr paint colors helped to achieve the creamy white look and get the exact color of pink I wanted. I used ribbon, lace and some wooden hearts from Amazon to finish off the romantic, vintage look. You can find the full post for the Mason Jars here.


Farmhouse vintage party decor ideas


The pretty heart garland on the wall was something I created in a previous video too. I love that it just gives your eye some added interest in this space. It also helps to compliment the shabby chic look with the twice and vintage-looking wooden hearts. You can see the video for this below.


Spring, vintage party romantic florals

To compliment the jars, and complete the whole look here, I searched for cut flowers that would make a statement. I wanted them to be romantic, whimsical and be a sort of random collection – like something you might go out to the back yard to pick. The floral arrangements included ranunculus (which is my new favorite flower), roses, hydrangeas, cushions, anemone,  spider mums, wax flower, stock and more. All of these were from small, local flowers shops.

Farmhouse vintage party decor ideas

 Sweets and treats

Lastly, I purchased the macaroons from a local shop here in Grand Rapids. I’m not normally a big fan of macaroons. However, these ones are delicious! And these topped off the farmhouse vintage party just right


Local, small-shop vendors

I love using our local vendors when I can. Here are some of the ones I used in this post. If you live in the Grand Rapids area, hopefully this will be helpful for you!


What do you think of the look? Could you see this at a spring party or maybe for a wedding shower?

For more farmhouse decor ideas, click here.

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  1. Heather

    OMG obsessed with every single thing. That color is amazing and perfect for Spring!

  2. Mimi

    OMG, The glasses are so beautiful! I need them

    • Marta

      I love the look of this vintage decor! It’s so perfect for a girls brunch

    • Jeni Hawkins

      Aside from the classy vibe this is beautiful. I’m loving every single one in the image. Those are cute and I love the colors.

  3. Amber Myers

    I love this! I am all about vintage stuff. Everything looks spectacular and I just love the colors.

  4. Lecy | A Simpler Grace

    I love the light pink of the tea set with the dark accents of the flowers. So pretty!

    • Ruth I

      Really cute and classy. I love how these are styled. I’m obsessed with it. I just love the color and the things that used in here. Definetely will buy.

  5. Marysa

    This is so pretty and springy! I love how you put this all together. It is a beautiful tablescape.

  6. Lisa Favre

    Yes! Give me all the pink! This decor setup is just so incredibly adorable – totally up my alley!

  7. katrina Kroeplin

    oh my kids would love a party like this. i will have to show them looks like so much fun! i love it.

  8. Catalina

    wow! Great ideas for spring! Love these ideas and these colors!

  9. Chef Dennis

    This Vintage party decor for spring is really beautiful! The colors are really perfect for the coming Spring. All fresh and new!

  10. Lisa Joy Thompson

    I’m a huge fan of vintage stuff. I love the look of this tablescape. If I had a bigger house and an unlimited budget, I’d totally collect pink depression glass.

  11. Toni

    This is really gorgeous! Makes me so excited for Spring!

  12. Gervin Khan

    Wow, this is such a nice set up and I love every single things of it, from the food and the colors are so beautiful and perfect.

  13. Tammy

    OMG!! I am all about vintage anything and I love your ideas here. Love all the pink and it looks so springy. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Maria

    Gorgeous design. The goblets look amazing and the color palette is so adorable, I just can’t. This really could be a baby or bridal shower or a theme tea party with the gals. Super cute.

  15. Clarice

    OMG! This is really beautiful and this is exactly what I want for my daughter’s 7th birthday. Thank you for the inspiration. I love your choice of a vintage party color palette. It’s classy, girly and cute.

    The tea set is sooooo nice. Hoping to get one as well.

  16. This is so cute I love the teacups! Always wanted to start adult tea parties.

  17. Kita Bryant

    This is such pretty decor! Spring time is the best time of year for things like this; so many great ideas.

  18. Lizzie Lau

    You nailed it. Your tablescape is perfection. I’ve been on the hunt for a pink tea set for my daughter and I check secondhand and antique shops all the time. I’ll know it when I see it.

  19. Angela Cardamone @marathonsandmotivation.com

    This decor looks so gorgeous! I’ll be sure to put some of these up for spring!

  20. Ruth I

    Everything is perfect and so beautiful in there! I would love a party like this!

  21. Erin

    Oh my gosh it’s all SO gorgeous. If I didn’t have 3 destructive boys I’d take all of it!

  22. Shayla

    You seriously have the most beautiful taste and lovely idea’s. This post is gorgeous. Love this idea.

  23. Monica Y

    What a great set up, I need to use some of your ideas for our next girls get together party during Easter, everything looks so cute

  24. Beth

    Everything came together beautifully! I love that it is perfect for so many occasions.

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