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Woods and whites holiday tablescape

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

Growing up my grandmothers always had the most beautiful holiday tables.

My maternal grandmother’s table was (and still is) always eclectic. With a big Italian family, holidays always had 30 people or more per celebration. We had nice table clothes with paper appetizer plates, baskets of break, platters of meat for antipasto and mismatched, special silverware that was only brought out for the holiday.

My paternal grandmother had a much smaller crowd and her tables were magazine pristine. She would use fresh fruit, candle light and greens to dress her table each year. The fine china was used and even though it was a small bunch, it was a tight squeeze to fit us all around a dining room table that was constrained by walls.

Both had beauty in them, even if the only beauty an onlooker could see was the laughter and love coming from all the people around it.

All my life, my holidays looked like one of these two pictures. Either pristine and delicately thought out or eclectic to accommodate a family that’s never really stopped growing.

Somewhere in between

When it comes to my tablescape decor, I fall somewhere in between the eclectic and pristine.

But no matter what, these two ladies always inspired me.

Today I’m hoping this tablescape can give you a little inspiration.

When I thought about creating a tablescape this year, I kept coming back to two ideas.

One is a bit of rustic inspiration with neutrals as a nod to the whole woods and whites trend.

The other is filled with evergreens, golds and rich colors.

I decided to give you both. This week it’s the woods and whites table to give you a real farmhouse feel with a bit of sparkle. Next week I’ll share the rich, warm colors table, which I’ll have to think of a better name for.

Woods and whites tablescape

This table though, I wanted to play off the white in the shiplap and the gorgeous neutrals in the table that Kevin refinished for me (tutorial on that to come too).

I wanted it to feel rustic, simple and sophisticated with a bit of sparkle. After all, it’s the holidays. Sparkle is good.

I used simple garland and candles for my centerpiece and then layered cream plates for my place settings. Instead of opting for place cards, I just used pinecones to top off my place settings and a natural charger to pull it all together.

Where to find things

You can find most of the good I used on my table at World Market. This was not a sponsored post. I just love the store and was inspired by the garland and the wooden candle holders. You can find it all at these links.
Take a look below and let me know what you think and I hope you stop back next week to see table two. Thank you for visiting today, friends. For more farmhouse decor, click here.click here.

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  1. Stacie

    That rustic look is so pretty. I love that marriage of traditional with modern sleekness.

  2. Shannon Graham

    This is seriously one of the prettiest tablescapes I’ve ever seen. I absolutely love the color scheme.

  3. Liz Mays

    This looks so great! You really did an awesome job. I really like how you did the candles and pine cones!

  4. Marcie W.

    I am a huge fan of neutral decor and the holidays are no exception. I love the touch of metallic you incorporated as well.

  5. Sarah

    I love the rustic elegance of that look! You did amazing incorporating nature in such a sophisticated way. I have similar birch candle holders my brother-in-law made me a few years ago, they are my favorite go-to holiday table decor.

  6. This is so beautiful. I love the pine comes and all the neutral colors. Really Pretty

  7. Shayla

    This is so beautiful, this is right up my alley, I love decorating with nature! Love this tablescape!

  8. Kathy

    I really love the look of this. It is so beautiful. The farmhouse look is one of my favorites. I’ve always wanted a farmhouse look around my home.

  9. Anne Marie

    I like the rustic, clean look of this setting. Very well done!

  10. Heather

    This is goals! I love everything about each piece you chose! Absolutely perfect!

  11. Lisa

    What a gorgeous table setting. I am such a sucker for the gold silverware… I love it!

  12. Katrina kro

    Your table looks amazing. I love the layered look

  13. Sherry

    Your holiday tablescape is gorgeous! I love the simplicity of it and I really love the garland.

  14. Lisa Joy Thompson

    This is absolutely gorgeous! I love the combination of rustic and sparkly! It’s absolutely perfect!

  15. Kim

    This is beautiful. I love tablescapes. I wish I were creative enough to beautify my own.

  16. Jennifer

    Your table scape is beautiful! I am so bad at setting a table like this but with your Tips and your design I think I can do it

  17. Lisa Favre

    I love the look of a farmhouse/rustic-chic home! This tablescape is absolutely inspiring.

  18. Krystal Miller

    I love how beautiful and natural this table is! #goals

  19. Amber S Battishill

    Love the warm and muted tones in this tablescape – beautiful!

  20. Heather Brown

    The simplicity of this makes is so amazingly beautiful!

  21. Flossie McCowald

    Ooh, you DO have me so very inspired! Our home is a mess of a construction zone right now, so things aren’t going to be very pretty this Christmas, but I already have visions of hosting next Christmas in our new back room with its white shiplap wall…

  22. Kat Califf

    I love this table setting. It is so elegant. My favorite is the little pine cones.

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